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Networks We develop, deliver and manage telecommunication networks by providing hardware, software, and services to enable the full value of connectivity. From 5G and IoT to virtualization, we are supporting digital transformation for the next generation of mobile services. Cloud Software and Services We provide industry leading solutions for Core Network and Automation, Managed Services, Services Orchestration and Telecom BSS. We help enable communications service providers to succeed in their transition to cloud native software and automated operations, as they prepare their networks for the future. Emerging Business: We accelerate new and sustainable businesses beyond Ericsson's traditional core business. Technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence, automation, VR/AR, and edge computing are opening up new, vast opportunities for our customers, partners and our company. Our current businesses are targeting high growth markets where our technology is relevant, e.g. Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing, IoT connectivity, connected vehicles, security and edge computing. Innovation is at our core, and Ericsson ONE is where new, game-changing ideas are brought to life. Our customers are happy to speak for us. Listen to some of their stories to hear how we are helping them increase their efficiency, improve their digital experience and capture new revenue streams. Research & Development (R&D) is at the heart of our business with approximately 26,000 employees. Ericsson engineers, researchers and scientists around the world are working on what’s next big thing with technology in focus. With more than 60,000 granted patents, we have one of the strongest intellectual property rights portfolios in the industry. Our history Lars Magnus Ericsson founded Ericsson 145 years ago on the premise that access to communications is a basic human need. Since then we have continued to deliver ground-breaking solutions and innovate technology for good. We have always put enormous time and effort into collaborating with others to set the open standards that make global communications and connections possible. Here you will find some examples of our innovations that have had significant impact on people, business and society.  
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